How to take aerial photography with a Drone Quadcopter

Now is the perfect time to consider buying a drone for aerial photography. The affordability and all the apps available to manage and control your drone makes it easy to capture great videos and photos at a low price.

only cause you have driven a remote control car does not means you know how to fly a drone. Despite some drones having easier systems to use than others, like the DJI Phantom, the learning curve is important and requires you to read the user manual.

According to Colin Smith, who recently released the video above, there are several things to keep in mind when learning to fly a drone:

  1. Start practicing in a large open space, without water  or solid structures surrounding the area  so that you are able to learn to control the drone. The controls are not just up, down, left and right. You have to be able to feel the movement of the machine and be aware of wind gusts. Then you must be aware of the camera angles and getting into position.
  2. Follow the instructions for preparation and linking it to the mobile phone that has the camera driver. Also always monitor your drone so that you don’t lose it will flying it.